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Ways to Make a Large Event Space Feel Intimate

Hosting events in large spaces can be a grand experience, but it often comes with the challenge of creating a sense of intimacy. At Southall Meadows, we understand the desire to provide an intimate and inviting atmosphere for guests. Regardless of whether you choose to host in The Hall or our historic barn! Keep reading to explore how to make a large event space feel intimate, featuring modern and elegant decoration ideas that align with our private venue.

Drapery or Hanging Installations

One of the most effective ways to create an intimate event space is by incorporating drapery or hanging installations. Consider adorning the venue with lush greenery, dripping from the ceilings, or wrapped around beams. Or hanging beautiful floral arrangements or artistic paper installations overhead. These elements not only add a touch of elegance but also create a visual focal point. Cascading vines, suspended blooms, or unique paper art are an effective and stylish way to fill empty spaces and create a sense of coziness.

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Creative Lighting

Nothing sets the mood like the right lighting. Embrace the magic of creative lighting to transform a vast space into an intimate oasis. Consider using dim lighting in conjunction with elegant chandeliers, enchanting bistro lights, or oversized lanterns. These soft, warm lights will cast gentle shadows, creating an ambiance that encourages guests to feel close and connected. Don’t forget the charm of flickering candles (real or fake) – they add a touch of romance and intimacy that can’t be replicated.

event table centerpieces ideas with candles

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Tall Centerpieces

When it comes to creating intimacy in a large event space, drawing the eye upward is a powerful technique. Tall centerpieces placed on tables at and above eye level not only lend a sense of grandeur but also help create a more intimate environment. Floral arrangements or artistic sculptures that gracefully reach for the ceiling will give the illusion of a lower ceiling, making the area feel more enclosed and warm. This is a popular technique to make a big wedding feel intimate!

tall event table floral centerpiece

tall event centerpieces

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Lounge Areas

To encourage mingling and create a more relaxed atmosphere, feature lounge areas. These extra cozy areas will help to divide the room into different sections while providing guests with comfortable places to sit and chat. Choose thick-textured furnishings like velvet sofas, plush armchairs, and vintage rugs to create a sense of warmth – an especially important detail that will go a long way during colder months.

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Dark Color Palettes

Using darker colors can significantly impact how guests perceive a space. Rich, deep hues like navy, burgundy, or forest green create an intimate and luxurious environment. In addition to making a large event space feel smaller – darker tones absorb light. Consider integrating these colors into the drapes, tablecloths, or even floral decorations. Worried that these colors will lend to a look that is too edgy for your taste? Strategically place accent colors or incorporate metallic elements to lend a touch of sophistication.

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Looking for a large event space for rent in Franklin, Tennessee? Contact us today to book a tour at Southall Meadows and to learn about our pricing or event planning services! Or for additional ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a large event space, take a look at our photo gallery.

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