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Make Networking Fun | Why Rural Corporate Party Venues are Better

Networking events are an essential part of any business, providing an opportunity to meet new people, establish relationships and share knowledge. Unfortunately, corporate events are often seen as boring and uninspiring. A reputation that Southall Meadows is looking to switch up! Keep reading to learn why rural corporate party venues are better and how they can help improve attendance and engagement.

Escape the Hustle and Bustle of the City

One of the most significant advantages of rural corporate party venues is that they offer an escape from the city. Many people can find it difficult to switch off from work mode in the city. Making it difficult to focus on networking and building meaningful connections. In contrast, a rural event space is relaxing and tranquil, allowing attendees to unwind and engage with each other more naturally. At Southall Meadows, we are located in a beautiful countryside setting with stunning views of the surrounding farmland. With a serene environment, we can provide your guests with an escape from the stresses of city life and the opportunity to kick back and unwind in good company. A cold drink under the warming sun or a short walk around the farm is the perfect way to break up the evening and keep things from feeling stale.

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Unique and Memorable Experiences

If you attend enough, networking events can feel repetitive and monotonous. Meanwhile, the hotel and conference rooms they are typically hosted in are far from impressive! As a host, what can be achieved within their walls is limited, making for a lackluster and forgettable event. However, Southall Meadows makes it possible to pull off a truly one-of-a-kind event. Our sprawling acreage means that you can create a memorable experience. Whether you are planning a simple outdoor cocktail hour with an open bar or an intimate catered dinner on the lawn. Or, build excitement and incite some friendly competition with a cornhole tournament or scavenger hunt. Depending on the season, you are welcome to set up a tent with staging for live entertainment and a spotlit dance floor.

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Improved Attendee Engagement

In order for a corporate networking event to be successful, you need solid attendance. Not only that, but guests need to be eager to engage. Granted, this can be a lot to ask for in a stuffy downtown hotel room. Whereas our lush outdoor event space in Franklin is much more casual. Guests will feel comfortable and included, helping to break down their barriers and encourage them to interact with one another. We find that people leave our venue with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. Combined with unique corporate event ideas or a fun theme, you can feel confident that going forward people will be excited to attend future networking events.

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With so many perks of rural corporate venues, why not consider Southall Meadows for your big day? Contact us today to book a tour or to learn about our pricing and planning services! For more outdoor event design ideas or inspiration, view our gallery.

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