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Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

When beginning to plan your wedding, choosing a venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make pertaining to your special day. The first question you may ask yourself is, should I have an indoor or outdoor wedding? Though certain individuals may be aware of what they want from the beginning, you might be having second thoughts. Today on the blog, we have some pros and cons of selecting either an indoor or outdoor wedding venue. 

Indoor Weddings

Michelle Scharfman Photography

Michelle Scharfman Photography

Pro: You Are Immune To Bad Weather

With an indoor wedding, you are prepared for unpredictable weather! This also means that your wedding can take place during any season, and you’ll never have to worry about rain, wind, extreme heat or humidity, or anything else wrecking your plans. 


Con: Limited Space For Guests

If you’re planning on having a big wedding, an indoor wedding may not be for you. Trying to cram hundreds of people into a small space will make it difficult for guests to mingle with one another and walk about the venue. Since the space will be constricted, you might need to cut down your guest count so everyone can fit comfortably in the venue. Keep in mind how many people your venue can accommodate while making your guest list!


Pro: Easier Logistics

By choosing to have your wedding indoors, you’ll have everything you need and fewer logistics to worry about. You can relax knowing you will have multiple power outlets, kitchen facilities, lots of parking, and any supplies you might need at the last minute!


Con: Decor Costs & Restrictions

Depending on the venue, it can be intimidating and tempting to want to totally fill an indoor space with decor. When planning the decor, you also need to be mindful of restrictions that may come with decorating your venue.

Outdoor Weddings

Jordyn Smalling Photography

Jordyn Smalling Photography

Pro: Stunning Views

An indoor event space can’t compete with the beauty of Mother Nature! Plus, with a beautiful location, less decor will need to be purchased, and you can keep things simple. 


Con: Unpredictability

When having an outdoor wedding, there are many unpredictable factors that can occur that are out of your control. There will always be a chance of rain on wedding day, or even high winds messing up decor. Depending on when your wedding is, the sun beating down on your guests may also lead to some frustrations. If you’re set on an outdoor summer wedding, consider placing fans at each guest’s seat in order to keep them cool and comfortable. Bugs could also crash your wedding! You need to be comfortable establishing a backup plan for an outdoor wedding.


Pro: Amazing Lighting For Photos

Nothing beats the beautiful, natural lighting you’ll have at an outdoor wedding! If you want to achieve that bright and airy look in your wedding photos, an outdoor wedding is a must. However, be sure to avoid direct sunlight at the highest point during the day.

Asher & Emily Photography

Asher & Emily Photography

Weddings in the fall here at Southall Meadows are absolutely gorgeous! Check out more from our gallery here.

Con: Popularity

In the recent years, we have seen that outdoor venues reign supreme. Since outdoor weddings are so popular, unfortunately, you will probably have to book your venue of choice pretty early on as others also are looking to get married outside.


Both indoor and outdoor venues can make for an unforgettable wedding day. Here at Southall Meadows, we have both an indoor space and a few outdoor spaces to have your wedding at! We hope our pointers were helpful in regards to where you might want to have your wedding at. 


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