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Host an Intimate Event with a Private Estate Wedding

Privacy and intimacy go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to weddings. And that’s exactly what we have to offer at Southall Meadows, situated in rural Franklin, Tennesse. As a working family-owned and operated farm, we have the unique ability to provide couples with complete privacy on their special day. Here your family and friends will reap the unabashed beauty of the countryside. From enjoying a golden sunset during your outdoor ceremony to sipping a cocktail with stars twinkling overhead. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of hosting a private estate wedding and how this style of the venue makes for a more intimate event.

More Flexibility, More Fun

Nothing puts a damper on your wedding vision quite like a wedding venue that isn’t very flexible. There are often very good reasons for these rules or limitations, granted they can be frustrating to work around. When you choose to host your event at a private estate, however, there is more room for flexibility. At Southall Meadows, we are family owned and operated. Meaning we have the ability to approve or allow certain requests that other venues may not even entertain. Whether this is due to oversight from multiple investors or partners, or a Downtown authority. We work with our couples to find a middle ground so that they can have the wedding of their dreams – so go ahead and dream big!

benefits of a private estate wedding venue

Photo by Brad and Jen

Photo by Nicole Donnelly

Enjoy Creative Freedom

By far the biggest benefit to private estates for weddings is creative freedom. Spanning 5 acres, Southall Meadows encompasses two private barns for rent, as well as large fields and meadows. Our large event venues mean that you can pull off some unique and over-the-top ideas that may be hard to achieve at smaller venues. Especially those with less spacious indoor areas. Our beautiful outdoor spaces serve as a blank canvas where you can pull off a range of styles or themes, especially come spring when the foliage is bright with life. Both of our event barns feature tall ceilings, so you can create tall ceremony backdrops, feature lots of romantic drapery, or luxe overhead reception florals. We would love to put you in touch with one of our preferred planners for ideas and inspiration. Or, ask about our in-house design planning service!

enjoy creative freedom with a private wedding at an estate

Complete Privacy

A huge benefit to private estate weddings is that first word: private. When you book your event the entirety of the venue is yours. We never book more than one event at a time, so you are welcome to use the space as desired. Start by hosting an outdoor ceremony in the meadow and taking photos throughout the property. Next, enjoy a cocktail hour in our historic barn with yard games on the lawn. Finally, treat your guests to a seated dinner and dancing in the bright and modern event Hall. Trust that the exclusive use of our remote property will lend a more intimate vibe to your special day, regardless of your guest count. You’ll also enjoy fewer hassles, such as those encountered at Downtown or urban venues. Such as finding on-site parking or the possibility of party crashers.

private farm outdoor wedding venue

Photo by Brad and Jen

host an intimate private wedding in Franklin, Tennessee

Photo by Nicole Donnelly

Want to host a private estate wedding at Southall Meadows? Contact us today to book a tour or to learn about our venue-only pricing! For additional event assistance, check out our list of preferred vendors. To see photos of our private party hall or barn, take a look at our photo gallery.

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