5 Event Design Trends Making a Comeback

Event design trends come and go – and every now and then they come back again! This is especially true for weddings, which seem to see quite a few trends cycle in and out of popularity. But let’s be honest, some trends never ready fade. Like classic candles for decorations and the use of pearls in bridal attire. Take a look at some of the past trends that we expect to make a comeback in the coming seasons, to get inspired for your special day at Southall Meadows.

1. Baby’s Breath

We have seen the addition of baby’s breath in many bride’s wedding bouquets, table arrangements, and aisle decorations. This delicate and simple ’90s trend is making a huge comeback, in next to every aspect of wedding design. In recent months our farm wedding venue has even seen entire bouquets of solely baby’s breath, lending an effortlessly soft and fun ambiance to a bride’s wedding look. It has also been used to create luxurious floral installations, both for ceremony backdrops and overhead reception decor. As well as for centerpieces and to liven up otherwise simple wedding signage.

babys breath bridesmaid bouquetsKelsey Leigh Photo


wedding aisle babys breath decorLili B’s Photography


2. Pearls

Another of our favorite event design trends making a comeback are pearls. For the last several decades, gemstones & diamonds have overshadowed the pearl, making it seem like it was all but forgotten. However, in the last few years, the pearl has seen the light of day again. From engagement rings, veils, and accents in decor, pearls are sure to be seen in many weddings to come. Here at Southall Meadows, we love seeing a white-clad bride draped in a pearl-speckled veil. It adds such an ornate touch to this farm wedding venue.

3. Candles

From votives to candelabras, we love candles of every style and design! The first thing that comes to mind when we think of effortless luxury is candlelight – lots of it! And a beautiful wedding reception in Franklin isn’t complete without at least a few candles. This year Southall Meadows has seen a significant increase in the use of candlestick holders and candelabras within table arrangements. Both standalone and to dot lush garland centerpieces. Their elegant nature and rich history will add a fun and romantic element to your wedding reception. At Southall Meadows, we love seeing candle sticks of different colors. However, we do require the use of hurricane glass to ensure the safety of guests and the venue. But don’t fret, it just adds a little more shine!

wedding ceremony with candlesPhoto by Hunter LaShea Photography


wedding reception candlesSarah Nichole Photography


wedding candles


4. Disposable and Instant Film Cameras

Modern technology and the new digital age have overshadowed the thrill of film cameras in the last two decades. One super fun addition our wedding event space has seen is the return of disposable cameras and instant film cameras, such as the Fujifilm Instax cameras. Toss a couple at each table and you and your guests are sure to have a blast all evening long. And, how fun it is to wait and see what the photos look like after they are developed?

5.  Gold

Listen up: Gold is trending everywhere right now! With the revival of this classic color in wedding decor, brides have been going all out with their use of gold. From jewelry to serving ware, furniture, signage – even gold flakes on cakes. Gold is definitely a color you want to incorporate into your wedding palette. Its popularity tends to peak during the summer and fall when warm-toned palettes are all the rage. But the versatility and metallic appearance of gold is the perfect accent color for every wedding style, year-round. And we love this touch of glam at our modern farm wedding venue.

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Southall Meadows Wedding & Event Venue

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Do you agree about these event design trends making a comeback? Let us know if you plan to incorporate any into your special day. And be sure to visit our website gallery to start planning how you can at Southall Meadows. While you’re there, don’t forget to send an inquiry for package info and questions about availability.

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