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Treat your Employees: Company Picnic Ideas

Hosted on a sunny spring or summer day, a corporate picnic is a fun way to bring your team together outside of the office. With work-related burnout at an all-time high, it is more important than ever that you show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. If you’re looking for an outdoor event venue that can host your whole team, Southall Meadows has you covered. From design inspiration to outdoor activities, we’ve got plenty of company picnic ideas to ensure your team outing is a raving success!

Set The Scene

A memorable company picnic starts with creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to relax. Start by renting enough tables or chairs to seat everyone comfortably. Long banquet tables with rustic benches will make for a beautiful yet casual setup, and ensure that no one is excluded. It will also allow large families to sit together if you will be extending an invitation to your employee’s children. Lounge areas with comfortable seating, such as plush sofas or bean bag chairs can provide a space for people to unwind and socialize.

And if the weather is unpredictable, a tent can provide shelter from the sun or rain, while also adding a touch of elegance to the event. Alternatively, move your gathering into one of our indoor spaces, whether you prefer the historic barn or modern event Hall.

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Delicious Food and Refreshments

If you have ever been to a picnic then you know that the highlight of the event is food. For a large corporate picnic, we recommend setting up a buffet-style spread using chafing dishes. To create an impressive menu, including some grilled or smoked meats and fresh seasonal vegetables. If you plan to have a bar, we recommend some light appetizers such as a grazing board or fruit skewers. Speaking of a bar, it is always good to have a menu that includes cocktails and mocktails (you can’t go wrong with fresh lemonade)! To prevent an overcrowded bar, place big-batch cocktails or beverages at a self-serve drink station. To elevate the table, you can even provide fresh fruit for garnish.

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Team Building Activities

A great way to strengthen the bonds between colleagues is by incorporating some team-building activities into your company picnic. This could be something as simple as yard games, like cornhole or a ping pong tournament. Alternatively, plan something more elaborate that caters to larger teams. A scavenger hunt is always fun, and we have plenty of space! Team-building can also be as simple as creating a fun environment. Consider booking a live band and investing in a dance floor. This will encourage your employees to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

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Do you love these company picnic ideas? Let our team help you plan a memorable outdoor event that is sure to impress your team! Contact us today to inquire about availability and pricing. If you need more event inspiration, take a look at our gallery to get inspired from past events.

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