200+ Acres: Finding the Perfect Photo Location at Southall Meadows Event Venue

After visiting Southall Meadows and the beautiful land that this venue sits on, you may be asking what era we are in. With a modern barn to your left and a rustic 100-year-old tobacco farm to your right and 200 acres of land surrounding, it is easy to feel lost in another era. We have a handful of different indoor and outdoor celebration locations here at Southall Meadows. It is sure that you will find the perfect photo locations for you on your special day.

100-Year-Old Tabacco Barn

Our 100-year-old tobacco barn stands weathered and time-worn, a silent witness to a bygone era. Its weathered wooden planks bear the changes of a century’s worth of different seasons and countless tobacco harvests. Now repurposed, this tobacco barn can be part of your story. As it stands tall and weathered, this barn serves as a perfect backdrop for pictures with friends, family and loved ones.


(Rebecca Renee Photography)

(John Myers Photography)

Modern Event Hall

Southall Meadows modern event hall is a sleek and stylish space designed for versatility and sophistication. Its clean lines, polished surfaces, and contemporary architecture create an ambiance of elegance and luxury. The options are endless when it comes to our event hall. This is the perfect location to take pictures if you want a blank canvas where you can depict your special day.

(Andrew Allen Morton Photography)

(Through Victoria’s Lens)

Nature as your background

Some of the best moments can be caught outside in the stillness of nature. Here at Southall Meadows, we have 200+ acres of land leaving you with no shortage of options. When it comes to taking pictures outside, you are sure to find a background that suites you. Whether you decide to take pictures along a rocky road covered by tree canopies or underneath a towering tree, they are sure to turn out. Our event venue has it all!

(Hallas Photo)

On the dance floor

Some of the most candid and exciting pictures can be caught while on the dance floor. Whether it’s just you and the spotlight or everyone huddled together dancing the night away, the dance floor can offer some pictures that come with happy memories.


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